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Roofing Project Checklists

Prepare for the following contingency items to be considered during a roofing project.

1. Pre-Job Meeting

Be adamant on a pre-construction meeting so decisions can be made on :

• Where equipment such as kettles, crane, dumpster, etc. can be placed

• Job state date

• Estimated completion date
• Contact information (Phone Numbers, Contact Information, etc.)

• Terms of payment/draw dates

2. Prepare for Inconveniences

Prepare tenants or employees for the possibility of inconvenience during a roofing project (noise, smell and dust are some inconveniences). Parking may have to be disrupted to allow contractor adequate staging areas. Tenants may require assistance to plan for disruptions and may wish to know completion dates

3. Specify Materials

Insist on established materials. All Proposals should include a sample warranty so that you can understand the coverage, limitations and exclusions.

4. Inspect Substrates

Arrange to be on site during removal of the old roofing system. The extent of any deteriorated decking which supports the roof is usually concealed. Proposals commonly indicate that replacement of the substrate will be done as needed for an additional charge. On-site inspections will provide the facts to the extent of damage discovered.

5. Replace Metal Flashing Components
Typically perimeter metal flashing, vents, base flashing, and expansion joints are replaced. Sheet metal components can become damaged during removal even if the intent is to reuse them. Gutters and downspouts may be exceptions.

6. Consult Tax Advisors

In some instances, re-roofing may be eligible as a tax-deductible repair rather than capital improvement.