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Record Rainfall In 2018 Continues Into New Year

Record Rainfall In 2018 Continues Into New Year

If you think the Carolinas are getting a lot of rain, you are right.  Unlike many years, when one part of the state sees record rain and other parts of the state see little or normal rain, all areas in the past year saw a steady flow of moisture that led to record breaking rainfall totals for the year and the start of 2019.

All National Weather Service weather reporting stations across North Carolina reported well above average precipitation totals for 2018.  For example in Statesville, our 2018 total precipitation totaled 75.77 inches vs 48.36 inches in 2017.  Most areas reported totals that were at least a foot or more above normal.*

As the map above from the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration illustrates, rainfall in the Carolinas was 30 - 40% above normal for the start of the new year.

How Can Your Commercial Roof Be Ready For The Rain?

The best defense is to be proactive. 

Our WeatherReady Maintenance Plans can help you be prepared for another wet year.  Our Roofing Technicians will regulary inspect your roof and advise of issues before they become problems during heavy rain or wind.  And businesses who protect their roof with a maintenance plan generally see years added to the life of their roof. Call us today to protect your roof or building before the next big rain storm.

*Source: Spectrum News NC




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