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Roofing Industry Faces Unprecedented Supply Disruption

What Is Causing It And What We Are Doing To Address It?

The roofing industry is experiencing a supply chain disruption that’s unlike any other in recent memory. And it’s going to be a while before it gets better. A series of factors are to blame — none more striking than a true global crisis with COVID-19. Lockdowns that essentially stopped buying and manufacturing processes for months had a cascading effect on the industry. When businesses started reopening, there was pent-up demand for roofing and building restoration materials.

Additionally raw materials used in many commercial roofing products have also been impacted and have created backlogs at manufacturing facilities in the US and abroad. Roofing contractors are seeing problems with procuring light-gauge metal, fasteners, and insulation boards among others.

We Can Keep You Dry & Open!

If you are needing a new commercial roof, the sooner you order the better. It can take up to 9 months to get the materials. In the meantime, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration has increased our inventory of roof repair materials and our capabilities in roof service and repair. Our goal is to keep your business dry as we all work through this supply chain issue together.


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