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Customer Comments

Taking Roofing To New Heights

Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration has maintained and repaired the roofs of our Manufacturing and Research facilities for the past six years. Additionally, they are currently in progress with a 59,000 square feet of roof replacement project over a vital production area. This particular roof section had experienced numerous leaks over the years, placing production at risk. We are now watertight.


Whether engaged in a small repair or a large capital project, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration consistently ensures that all plant policies and safety and environmental regulations are met. Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration jobs are well planned and supervised, and the job sites are kept neat, orderly and safe. Additionally, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration repair technicians are very talented and never give up until they have exhausted all possibilities to solve our leak issues.  They do an excellent job communicating job status and recommendations to Lorillard management.

As an FM Global insured company, we are obligated to submit design plans and specifications to our insurance company for review and approval. The submittal package for the recent roof replacement project was excellent in its thoroughness and detail. Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration's diligence in this design and submittal streamlined the review and approval process, and provided accurate budgetary information for Lorillard upper management.


We appreciate the efforts of everyone at Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration who is involved with our facility roofs.



-Ron Ricci, P.E.
Lorillard Tobacco Company
Greensboro, NC



I have had the opportunity of working with Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration for the last five years while at Lincoln Harris.

Over the years, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration have resolved numerous building envelope water entry issues around Bank of America Corporate Center complex, especially such critical areas as related to the Board Room, executive floors, and Founder’s Hall. Also, they replaced the roof over the Trading Floor regions. The entire facility is known as a Critical Facility or Critical Environment. Obviously, we cannot afford to have banking operations affected by water entry.
In addition to their high quality work and capability, I have always been very impressed with Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration's friendliness and professionalism. Please feel free to contact me at 704-714-7675 to discuss specific examples of outstanding service Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration has provided.

I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration. Great job guys.

-Jeff McClanahan, SMA, LEED AP
Chief Engineer
Lincoln Harris
Bank of America Center
Charlotte, NC



Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration has been performing roofing and building restoration projects at our Data Center facility for the past four years. They have successfully completed 62,000 square feet of roof replacement on our Data Center Main Building as well as building envelope restoration on our UPS and Chiller Buildings. As we are insured by FM Global, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration orchestrated the roof replacement project from the submittal and FM approval stage through final completion.  
The UPS and Chiller buildings experienced moisture intrusion through the walls. Both of these buildings are obviously critical to our daily operations. The report of observations and recommendations depicted as many as ten different building envelope components which were addressed during this project. Their thorough investigation and field testing, failure analysis, and multi-diverse skill sets eliminated all moisture intrusion in a critical environment.
I was impressed by the professionalism, depth of knowledge, and level of communications of the entire project team, including office and field personnel. We are able to rest comfortably knowing that Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration services our facility.

-Senior Manager
Data Centers
Eastern US



The city of Charleston has been privileged to be in a growth pattern for years but this growth has made most of the contractors/vendors complacent. Due to the volume of work, they did not feel they needed any one client or worse, smaller maintenance jobs. For myself, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration could not have come at a better time. I wanted to take just a minute to express how appreciative I am.  From the office people, to the guys that work on the roof, everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and eager to help.     
I left Mike at Dial America, with a tenant and their  HVAC guy this morning, to figure out whether the continual leaks at Dial America are HVAC or roofing issues. I was able to walk away knowing no matter what, Mike would come back to me with detailed, accurate information about what was found and, would have already fixed  it, or have a solution in mind on how to fix it. I don’t ever expect perfection but I do expect diligence and a true desire to get it right and Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration does it in the roofing industry.
Thank you again!

-Paula Mazyck
Property Manager
Southern Real Estate Management
Charleston, SC



Thank you for the quick response. Yes, we prefer using Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration for our warranty work. We have gone through the 800 number in the past and have been assigned contractors that were slow to respond and did not understand or care to understand the sensitive nature and high security of our tenant. We are extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration. They understand the demands we are under because our tenant is demanding and has high security requirements. Thanks.  


-Michelle Wilson Deese
Senior Property Manager
Tri Properties, Inc.
Durham, NC



When Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration first contacted us we told them that we would be glad to have them be the third bidder on the roof replacement the following year. When it was time to bid, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration inspected the roof in anticipation of providing a replacement bid, but much to our good fortune they advised us that the roof was in good condition and a few remedial repairs would extend the life of the roof. They performed a thorough inspection with report and scope of work. This scope of work was performed for minimal dollars as compared to a new roof.  An annual roof maintenance plan was instituted and the following year’s inspection discovered no remedial repairs and the roof still has several years of remaining life.   
Recently, the front of the building had some minor damage and a few water entry situations. We were informed of Statesville Roofing’s Building Restoration Department and asked if them to provide a solution to these situations. The price was fair and the work was good and solved some situations that had been going on too long.  
We really appreciate Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration's integrity and feel very confident that when they say something needs repaired vs replaced it is in fact true, and look forward to their help in the future.

-Craig B.
Maintenance Manager for a large distribution center

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