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Let’s face a few facts regarding your building.  Over time, buildings age and require repair and maintenance.  In many cases, this becomes evident when major problems occur like a roof leak or moisture intrusion from other building components.  When this happens, expensive equipment may be damaged or extensive restoration services may be required.  This can cost your business thousands of dollars in emergency services and lost time.


Now There Is An Affordable Solution!
With our WeatherReady Building Maintenance Plans, Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration can extend the weather proofing ability of commercial roof and wall systems and help you avoid costly emergency repairs.  Through periodic roof and building exterior inspections and analysis, our team of professionals will reveal signs of aging, deterioration and problem areas long before they develop into major issues.  This proactive approach generates long-term financial advantages and allows for prioritizing and budgeting to address roof and building related maintenance issues. We’ll keep your roof and building “weather ready.”


WeatherReady Building Maintenance Plans May Include:

  • Periodic Professional Inspection of The Roof and Building Exterior

  • A Detailed Roof & Building Envelope Condition Report With Photographs

  • Infrared Surveys as Needed

  • Identification of Concerns

  • Recommendations For Repairs

  • Management Database of Building Service History


With Our Building Maintenance Plans, You Will Extend The Life Of Your Roof And Protect The Building’s Exterior & Appearance.

WeatherReady Building Maintenance Plans provide peace of mind for building owners and management companies by providing a process to keep your building exterior functional from top to bottom.  In addition to the benefits described, our maintenance plans are very affordable.  

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