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New Drone Roof & Building Inspection Services

Flying Soon Over A Roof Near You?

Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration is taking to the skies with their new drone roof and building inspection services. Ben Watts, Field Analyst, has completed his FAA Certification and has registered the company's new drone with the FAA. Our drone is equipped with a 20 megapixel high-resolution camera capturing photo and video.

"This will allow us to cost effectively inspect a building's roof and exterior without the need to bring in special equipment," said Ben. "This is especially important when inspecting a roof that has a steep incline or may not be safe to walk on or investigation of vertical wall surfaces that are difficult to access as well."

Drone Inspections are part of our continuing focus of providing a higher level of service to our roofing and building restoration customers.


Vernon Shinall Joins The SR&BR Team.

We are pleased to announce that Vernon Shinall has joined our company as Vice President of Repairs and Maintenance. Vernon has held a number of positions in the roofing industry and brings his experience to us at a time when roof maintenance is a growing area of interest with building owners and managers. This is fueled by a nationwide shortage of materials, making roof replacement more costly and difficult to schedule. Many are choosing to repair and extend the life of their current roof.

Vernon will oversee our team of field technicians. "I am looking forward to growing this side of our business and improving the quality of service we provide," said Vernon. "I love this industry and the opportunity to bring my experience to Statesville Roofing & Building Restoration."


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